Considering Doggy Daycare in Milan, Illinois?

You’re barking up the right tree

You’ve got a busy schedule – between work meetings and family appointments, you rarely have time to love on your pup. Don’t worry – Salata Pet Supply can help. Our pet supply store doubles as a dog boarding facility. We give animals from Milan, Illinois and the surrounding areas the TLC they need. Let your dog play while you’re at a conference or groom your pup while you’re running errands.

We have four caretakers on staff, and they’re devoted to every animal that walks through our doors. Call us at 309-787-9101 for more information about long-term boarding. We promise to treat your dog like our own.

Salata is an animal oasis for dogs and cats

Would you like your pet to be more sociable? Drop by our doggy daycare center in Milan. You can introduce your pooch to our kind and gentle staff. You can also check out our grooming stations – you’ll find the best shampoos and moisturizers around. Salata Pet Supply strives to make boarding and grooming stress-free, so you can trust us with your little fur ball.

Our professionals nail grooming sessions every time

Book an appointment for your cat or dog today! Salata’s groomers are highly skilled and reliable. We enjoy pampering animals and offer:

  • Flea and tick treatments
  • Ear cleaning and gland expression
  • Teeth brushing and nail buffing
  • Bath and brush services
  • Cologne spray and pad cleanup
  • Medicated shampoo treatments

Your pets can play all day and then indulge in our relaxing pet spa. To check appointment availability, call 309-787-9101 now.

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